31 December 2013

On ANT1 the fight of Iron Mike Zambidis


The fight of the Greek World Champion Iron Mike Zambidis, for the Gold Belt of Hero Legends in China, will be presented on ANT1 TV on January 4th!

The fight of the World Champion Iron Mike Zambidis for the Gold Belt of Hero Legend in China, will be presented exclusively on ANT1 TV for Greece and Cyprus, on Saturday January 4th at 23.15! Τhe description of the fight will make Christos Gatsis and Petros Polichronidis.

The Greek audience will have the chance to watch our Champion representing Greece, fighting in China, in a very important event, supported by the Chinese government and the International Communication and Culture Centre.

Our Champion is ready to face the best Chinese fighter Xu Yan, having as his goal to win and to conquer the belt of the event. Xu Yan has fought with major athletes of K-1 like Yasuhiro Kido, Nagashima, Roqueni, Buakaw.

At Hero Legends, except from Mike Zambidis, important fighters will also fight like Ukraine Artur Kyshenko, Thai Yodsanklai Fairtex and others.  Very interesting is the challenge of Shifu Shi Yanzi, Japanese  founder of Shaolin school in Great Britain friar, who is 46 years old and has not fought for 20 years, challenging Canadian-Jamaican Simon Marcus, who has not lost a fight in China and is the actual fear of the athletes, to fight  him, although they fight with other athletes at Hero Legend!

Iron Mike departed yesterday for China with his coach Giorgos Mallios and his manager Tonia Fouseki.

Iron Mike Zambidis is sponsored by X-TREME STORES.


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