30 June 2015

Last impressive win of Mike Zambidis




The triumphant goodbye of a legend of the rings


Greek World Champion Iron Mike Zambidis closed his career with an impressive win and two World Titles!

Over 7,000 spectators, despite the difficult period for Greece, attended the final fight of Iron Mike and the battles of 64 athletes in the Iron Challenge by Coca-Cola Zero

Moments of pride experienced the 7,000 spectators that watched live the last fight of Iron Mike Zambidis against Steve Moxon, in a breathtaking battle, at Iron Challenge by Coca-Cola Zero, on Saturday, at SEF.


Iron Challenge by Coca-Cola Zero, the biggest kick boxing event in Greece, offered a great show of international standards, combining the high-level fighting spectacle with entertaining sida events. The event begun with the fights of young fighters and future champions in the Pre-Games, Future Fighters and Super Fights. In fact, in the context of Future Fighters, for the first time in the history of


Iron Challenge by Coca-Cola Zero, an eight fighters tournament was held, whose winners will compete in the next event. Then, there were strong fights on the Main Games by Greek and foreign athletes who gave spectacular battles in the ring of Iron Challenge by Coca-Cola Zero. The rythm was set on fire with the live of Stavento, who amazed the audience with two songs dedicated to the fighters Iron Challenge by


Coca-Cola Zero, and especially to the unique Iron Mike, along with Dead Prezz that impressed with their dancing moves. Shortly before the great battle of our Champion, Bloco Swingueira with rhythmic drums, gave pulse in the stadium.


The atmosphere was intense during the entry of Iron Mike on the ring, with the sounds of "Zeibekiko of Evdokia", the entire audience praised the Greek World Champion with cheers, encouraging slogans and fireworks and Greek flags.


The battle of Titans started very strongly with the two opponents giving their best to achieve the win, in an absolutely technical and high standards match. Both athletes showed from the beginning their intentions for the victory in the ring, with strategic and highly technical and hard blows on both sides who kept the audience breathless continuously.




However Mike Zambidis managed to prevail in the 5 rounds, getting more points with very good defense, quick reactions, powerful kicks and the iron fists that have left history and won by unanimous decision, in a very demanding match, his 156th victory in 179 fights in his career and two World Titles of King Of The Ring and WKU.


The fight gave a highly technical and dynamic sight and everyone commented on the fact that Steve Moxon was a very strong opponent, as expected for the last fight of Iron Mike, and described the match one of the best the Greek public has ever watched.


The stadium was rocked by the voices of the 7,000 Greeks who were there to watch the last fight of our Champion as an «oasis» of hope in the difficult times for our country. The awarding of the World Cup to Iron Mike was made by the legend of Greek basketball, Panagiotis Giannakis, who was found on the side of the Greek World Champion to honor him on his last victory and everything he has accomplished and offered to our country, reminding everyone of the great night of 1987, in the same stadium, when the National basketball team took the European Championship. The awarding of the World Title of King of the Ring did the President of the International Federation, Harry Gorian, and the awarding of the World Title of WKU did the President of the Federation, Klaus Nonnemacher, and the federation's representative in Greece, Stelios Politis.


Upon completion of the ceremony Mike Zambidis with the Greek flag on his shoulders, thanked from the bottom of his heart all over the world for their support over the years, Panagiotis Giannakis for the honor he made with his presence for the award of the cup and made a special reference to his team that is always next to him and supports him. Moreover, he said: "I know that Greece is facing difficulties, but we have to stay tuned altogether, not put it down, we have to suffer from the syndrome of Lernaean Hydra, cutting us a head and take off two, that's what I did it and I  made my craziest dreams come true", said our champion and then thanked his opponent, Steve Moxon, for the sensational fight, and as he said, none of them did not make mistakes.


Alongside with Iron Mike, as always was his team: his manager Tonia Fouseki, the coach Vangelis Apostolou, the assistant coach Stathis Apostolou, the cutman Sioulis Michael and his assistant cornerman George Keramidas.


The evening was presented by Fanis Labropoulos, while Antonis Maniotis and Christos Gatsis were the commentators. Many famous friends of Iron Mike came to watch Iron Challenge by Coca-Cola Zero and the last battle of the World Champion: Nikos Vertis, Giannis Aivazis, Kostas Fragkolias, Amaryllis, Kostas Sommer, Niki Papatheochari, Lefteris Pantazis, Ilias Sakkas, John Theodoridis, George Christodoulou, Angelos Koronios and others, while one of the legends of the heavyweights in the world, Ernesto Hoost, came with Maria Pantazi, who he trains.


The results of Main Games of Iron Challenge by Coca-Cola Zero:


Usman Mohammad vs Giorgos Zigouris - 65kg


Winner: Usman Mohammad with unanimous decision


Pavlos Misias  vs Panos Kirimis - 86kg


Winner: Panos Kirimis with unanimous decision


Nikos Kelekis vs Alexandros Giannopoulos - 80kg


Winner: Nikos Kelekis by ΤΚΟ


Ismael El Brouzini vs Giannis Fezoulai - 82kg


Winner: Giannis Fezoulai with unanimous decision


The event was held under the auspices and the kind support of the Greek Tourism Organization. Sponsor of the event was the Coca-Cola Zero, which offers an authentic taste of Coca-Cola with zero calories. Supporters of the event were BMW Motorrad, HyalurOn, Planet Fitness & More, Cyta Hellas, ΕΚΟ, X-treme Stores, Collagen Pro-Active, AXE Black, Fitshop.gr, Ecotrophy, actionmed, Iatriko Kentro of Peristeri and Joya Hellas.




Iron Challenge by Coca-Cola Zero was supported by ANT1, which also broadcasted exclusively the event. Communication Sponsors were: Nova Sports, Action 24, Athens Deejay, Rock FM, Sport 24 103.3 Radio, People, Μακεδονία, Espresso, Men's Health, Newsbeast.gr, Oneman.gr, Onsports.gr, Neolaia.gr, Fightsports.gr, Athensmagazine.gr.




The World Champion Iron Mike Zambidis support Cyta Hellas and HyalurOn.




You can be informed for the news of Iron Challenge by Coca-Cola Zero from the official site www.ironchallenge.gr and the official fanpage on Facebook facebook.com/ironchallengeofficial.



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