04 April 2016

Zambidis Club arrived at Nea Ionia!





Zambidis Club arrived at Nea Ionia!

Kick boxing for all, with the signature of our Champion Iron Mike Zambidis at the new "Zambidis Club Exclusively for Planet Fitness and More" in Nea Ionia

The cooperation of the Greek World Champion Iron Mike Zambidis with the gyms Planet Fitness and More, after the gyms of Kato Patisia and Palaio Faliro has expanded with the new Zambidis Club exclusively for Planet Fitness and More in the new gym in Nea Ionia.


The new venue that will accommodate Zambidis Club exclusively for Planet Fitness and More in New Ionia will be ready in a few days for Iron Mike and his team to welcome, all people who want to learn kick boxing, be exercised ensuring a good fitness and physical condition and cardiopulmonary function and learn basic self-defense principles.

The kick boxing program includes and special classes for children of all ages, with basic principles of fitness and self-defense, cultivating their discipline, enhancing their self-confidence and introducing them to a healthy lifestyle.

Through his many years of experience in global rings, the Greek World Champion Iron Mike Zambidis fills the kick boxing program in the new gym of Planet Fitness & More, recommending youngsters and adults, women and men in the sport, in the new modern venues with the philosophy of Zambidis Club.

Registrations have started - contact your nearest gym Planet Fitness and More and check out the program of Zambidis Club exclusively for Planet Fitness and More.

World Champion Mike Zambidis is supported by Cyta Hellas, subsidiary of Cyprus National Organization for Telecommunications, as well as potable hyaluronic acid, HyalurOn and Planet Fitness and More.

Stay in touch with Mike Zambidis' latest news through his official websites and social media pages:


www.ironmikezambidis.com, facebook.com/ironmikezambidis, twitter.com/MikeZambidis , youtube.com/user/MikeZambidisOfficial

www.zambidisclub.gr , facebook.com/pages/ZAMBIDIS-CLUB/115201665186091 ,



A few words on Zambidis Club and Planet Fitness and More

Zambidis Club are fight clubs, created by Greek World Champion Mike Zambidis in 2010. Zambidis Club's core concept is improving quality of life through exercise and strengthening of body and soul through martial arts. By embracing these qualities one can gain self-confidence, discipline, self-defense knowledge, enhanced insight, better physical condition, faster perception in realistic scenarios, improve their physical condition and discharge all negative energy built up by the demands of everyday life. Starting November of 2015, Zambidis Club are expanding and becoming a part of the Planet Fitness & More chain, in the especially designed locations Zambidis Club exclusively for Planet Fitness and More.

Planet Fitness and More is the fastest growing gym chain in Greece. Having established as leader in the domestic market, Planet Fitness & More now accommodate the needs of thousands of members on a daily basis while staying true to their philosophy that exercise and health should not be a luxury. The core element of Planet Fitness and More policy is to provide high quality services at affordable prices, which is part of a larger vision aiming to incorporate exercise in the reality of every Greek citizen during these times, when the need to do something good for ourselves is more than compelling.



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