10 August 2009

Apotheosis for Iron Mike at Kalymnos

Iron Mike visited the island of Kalymnos on 8th and 9th of August in order to watch the beach soccer team of Greek Stars that gave exhibition games at the local tournament, held at the central port.

The tournament was organized by the Municipal Sports Organization and its president George Mavros, with the support of the Kalymnos Municipality with the participation of 15 teams and more than 150 athletes. A big crowd watched the exhibition games of the Greek Stars team that is consisted by George Amanatidis, Daniel Batista, Kiriakos Tochouroglou, Nikos Vamvakoulas, Thodoris Pachatouridis, Reis Wellington and the well known actor Kostas Sommer.

The announcement of Mike Zambidis' presence created great excitement to the crowd and at the end of the games he was honored and received local souvenirs from the Mayor Mr Roussos, the alderman Mr Mpoukis and the President of the Sports Organization Mr Mavros.

During his stay at the beautiful island, Mike Zambidis did not stop signing autographs and taking pictures with people of all ages, both residents and tourists.


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