Name Mike Zambidis
Nickname Iron Mike
Place of Birth Athens, Greece
Date of Birth 15 July 1980
Height 167 cm
Weight 70 kg
Category Middleweight
Style Kick-boxing - Muay Thai
Fighting Trademarks
  • Polished boxing skills including a leaping left hook
  • Very strong right crochet
  • Potent body shots and flying knees
  • Great strength, speed and explosion on hits
  • Very good fitness
  • Always fights with his soul and much passion, offering a great show

Fight Stats

Fights Wins Losses KO's
180 158 23 87


Year Title
2019 World Champion IPCC
2015 World Champion WKU
2015 World Champion King Of The Ring
2015 World Champion Superkombat
2013 World Champion Superkombat
2012 World Champion King of the Ring
2011 W5 World Champion
2011 World Champion King of the Ring
2008 World PROFI World Champion (Europe)
2007 World Champion "King of the Ring Europe"
2006 World Champion "King of the Ring Europe"
2005 World Champion World PROFI
2005 WKBF Super-WelterWeight Champion
2005 World Champion "King of the Ring" (Australia)
2004 A1 World Combat Cup Champion
2003 Champion "King of the Ring" (Italy)
2002 Champion "K-1 World Max Oceania"
2002 Champion King of the Ring "Thai-Box" (Italy)
2000 WOKA World Champion
1998 European Champion World PROFI
1997 Balcan Champion I.S.K.A.
1996 - 1998 Member of National Boxing Team of Greece (40 fights)
1996 - 1998 3 times Boxing Champion of Greece
1992 - 1997 6 times Kick-Boxing Champion of Greece


Result Opponent Method Date Event
Win Antonio Gomez Unanimous Decision 23/03/2019 Breakout, Germany
Win Steve Moxon Unanimous Decision 27/06/2015 IRON CHALLENGE by coca cola zero
Win Erkan Varol Unanimous Decision 09/05/2015 IRON CHALLENGE
Win Harun Kina KO 17/01/2015 IRON CHALLENGE
Loss Batu Khasikov Decision 28/03/2014 Fight Nights
Loss Xu Yan Decision 03/01/2014 Hero Legends
Win Harun Kina Unanimous Decision 31/08/2013 Superkombat
Win Fadi Merza Unanimous Decision 28/4/2012 IRON CHALLENGE
Loss Batu Hasikov Physician Judgement 5/11/2011 W5 (τελικός Μόσχα)
Win Danila Utenkov Unanimous Decision 1/10/2011 Cyprus
Loss John Wayne Parr Technical Κ.Ο. 27/05/2011 Pay Back Time-THE DECIDER, Melbourne
Win Dzhabar Askerov Unanimous Decision 09/04/2011 W5 Final (Moscow)
Win Enriko Gogokhia Unanimous Decision (Extra Round) 09/04/2011 W5 Semi Final (Μoscow)
Win Ali Gunyar Unanimous Desicion 14/03/2011 Iron Challenge
Loss Giorgio Petrosyan Unanimous Desicion 08/11/2010 K-1 MAX 2010 Semi-Final
Win Yuichiro Nagashima 3rd Round K.O. 08/11/2010 K-1 Max 2010 Final 8
Win Chahid Oulad El Hadj Unanimous Desicion (Extra Round) 03/10/2010 K-1 Max Final 16
Win Warren Stevelmans Unanimous Desicion 21/03/2010 Kickboxing Superstar - Milano
Win Dzhabar Askerov Desicion 20/11/2009 War of the Worlds
Loss Hinata Unanimous Desicion 26/10/2009 K-1 World Max 2009 SuperFight
Loss John Wayne Parr Unanimous Desicion 08/05/2009 Pay Back Time - Melbourne
Win Rhassan Muhareb Unanimous Desicion 31/01/2009 Tournament Crete - Heraklio
Loss Albert Kraus Doctor's Decision 07/07/2008 K-1 World Max 2008 Reserve Fight
Win Muslic Sanel Technical K.O. 23/06/2008 IRON CHALLENGE, Athens
Loss Andy Souwer Technical K.O. (Extra Round) 09/04/2008 K-1 World Max 2008 Qualifiers
Win Daniel Dawson Unanimous Desicion 03/03/2008 No Respect 4, Melbourne
Win Bernardo Marban De La Horra 3rd Round KO 19/12/2007 Urban Fighters Tournament
Loss Arthur Kyshenko Unanimous Desicion (Extra Round) 03/10/2007 K-1 World Max 2007
Win Gago Drago Unanimous decision (extra round) 28/06/2007 K-1 World max GP
Win Takeda Unanimous Decision 04/04/2007 K-1 World Max
Win Tatsuji Unanimous decision 04/09/2006 K1 world Max Japan
Loss Sato Decision 05/04/2006 K-1 World Max Japan Opening Round Qualifiers
Win Michael Hansgut Unanimous Decision 12/03/2006 Great kickboxing spectacle in Greece
Loss Buakaw Por.Pramuk Decision 04/02/2006 K-1 World Max Japan 2006
Win Kara Murat Unanimous Decision 7/11/2005 No Respect 3, Melbourne
Win Suzuki 2nd Round KO 12/10/2005 K-1 World Max Japan
Loss Masato Decision 20/07/2005 K-1 World Max Grand Prix Finals Japan
Win Kara Murat Unanimous decision 05/06/2005 Professional Title Gala
Win Norifumi 'Kid' Yamamoto 3rd Round KO 04/05/2005 K-1 World Max Japan Opening Round Qualifiers
Win Goran Borovic 5th Round KO 12/03/2005 Greece and Serbia Fight The World, Sydney
Win 'HeadHunter' Stanley Nandex 1st Round KO 20/02/2005 Kicker V Boxer Melbourne
Win Prince Hamid Decision 28/11/2004 A-1 World Combat Cup Tournament, Melbourne
Win Gurkan Ozkan Decision 28/11/2004 A-1 World Combat Cup Tournament, Melbourne
Win Pete Spratt 2st Round KO 28/11/2004 A-1 World Combat Cup Tournament, Melbourne
Win Kojiro 1st Round KO 13/10/2004 K-1 World Max Japan
Loss Takayuki Kohiruimaki Decision 07/07/2004 K-1 World Max Grand Prix Finals Japan
Win Hayato Unanimous Decision 07/04/2004 K-1 World Max Japan Opening Round Qualifiers
Win Gurkan Ozkan 12th Round KO 30/11/2003 No Respect 2, Melbourne
Loss Masato Split Decision(1-2) 07/05/2003 K-1 World Max Grand Prix Final Japan
Win Albert Kraus 2nd Round KO 01/03/2003 K-1 World Max Japan Super fight
Win Niklas Winberg 3rd Round KO 17/02/2003 No Respect, Melbourne
Win Jenk Behic 6th Round KO 08/12/2002 World Super Welterweight Title Melbourne
Win Billy Mamu 2nd Round KO 26/11/2002 K-1 World Max Oceania Tournament Melbourne
Win Jenk Behic 3rd Round KO 26/11/2002 K-1 World Max Oceania Tournament Melbourne
Win Wayne Parr Decision 26/11/2002 K-1 World Max Oceania Tournament Melbourne
Loss Mike Cope 1st Round TKO (Cut) 11/11/2001 K-1 World Max Semi-Final, Melbourne
Win Shannon 'F-16' Forrester 3rd Round KO 08/09/2001 World Super Welterweight Title Gold Coast
Win Paul Shearing 1st Round KO 01/09/2001 World Super Welterweight Title Sydney
Win Krongsak Lek 8th Round TKO 03/04/2001 World Super Welterweight Title Crown
Win Baris Nezif 12th Round KO 19/11/2000 K-1 Oceania Star Wars