08 April 2011

The press conference and the weigh in of W5 Grand Prix K.O.

In a room full with media representatives, Iron Mike Zambidis appeared really confident and stated that he is ready to have a tough fight, it is important for him to attract russian audience, he is well prepared, he knows that he has strong opponents and the evening of fights will be hot!

His opponent at the semi final, Ernesto Gogokhia said that will fight his maximum and he is sure that will put all his energy in his fights

William Diender confessed that he wants to knock out Dzhabar Askerov in the first round! Dzhabar Askerov on the other hand said that victory is very important for him, he is russian but fights a lot outside, so victory in his land will mean a lot for him.

At the weigh in that followed, all the fighters were ok with their weight. The fights will be at 71kg. Zambidis was 70.35, Gogokhia 70.95, Diender 70.3 and Askerov 71.

The W5 Grand Prix K.O. will be held on Saturday the 9th of April and will be broadcasted live by the Russian TV network "FIGHTER" and online with pay-per-view system at http://www.allboxing.tv/en .

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