08 March 2014

Rematch with Russian Batu Khasikov for Iron Mike on March 28th!

World Champion Iron Mike Zambidis will fight at the highly anticipated rematch, in Moscow on March 28th, at the big Russian organization Fight Nights and will face again Russian Batu Khasikov for the World Title of WKN in 71kg.


The "battle of Moscow", as Russians call it, is expected with great interest worldwide as it is a big  event in kick boxing with two very tough fighters, who had previously met at the same organization and their fight was never completed due to Iron Mike's injury.


Batu Khasikov is a very strong opponent and really popular in Russia, as except from being an athlete, he is also a member of the Russian government, having as fanatic viewer of his matches, Mr Vladimir Putin. Noteworthy is the fact that Russian Batu decided to end his career with his last fight against Iron Mike, getting a special permission to fight, as the law in Russia does not allow anyone to touch a political figure!


The organization Fight Nights will be held in Luzhinki stadium, where before the fight of the Greek Champion, eight other matches of kick boxing and MMA with major athletes will take place. Many Greeks living in Russia are expected to attend the event and support the Greek champion.


The Greek audience will have the chance to watch the fight of Iron Mike Zambidis in Greece from ANT1!

Sponsors of Iron Mike Zambidis are X-TREME STORES and CYTA Greece.


You can get updated regarding Mike Zambidis' news at his official web site and his official pages in social media:


www.ironmikezambidis.com, facebook.com/ironmikezambidis, twitter.com/MikeZambidis , youtube.com/user/MikeZambidisOfficial

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